Your Guide To Watch Complications - Part Three Travel Complications

We’ve already discussed chronographs in part one of our guide to watch complications, and the date complications in part two. Part three will look at the travel related complications. Travel complications are another common watch complications. They’re also known as dual time zone complications. These complications are useful for frequent travelers, and people who have to work in multiple time zones.

Dual Time

The dual time complication lets you view the time in two separate time zones. Both time zones use a single movement. This kind of travel complication is particularly useful if you often work in two time zones.

World Time Zone

The World Time Zone, or world timer, complication is very useful for frequent travelers. It is usually an outer bezel with the major world cities. The wearer sets the outer bezel to whichever city he needs to know the time for. The inner bezel is marked to 24, and makes one full revolution per day.

Dual Movement

A dual movement time complication means that the time displays have separate power sources and movements. It also means that they can be set independently.

GMT - Greenwich Mean Time

Greenwich Mean Time is the mean solar time in Greenwich, London. In watch complications, GMT means that the watch can display two time zones.

GMT With Independent Hour Hand

This watch complication is a more sophisticated version of the GMT complication. The hour hand is set independently from the 24 hour hand.

GMT With Fixed Hour Hand

The GMT with fixed hour hand complication can be part of a pilot’s watch. It has an additional hour hand that makes one full revolution per day. So if the hand points at twelve, it’s twelve midnight, whereas if it points at six, then it’s twelve noon.

The travel complications are extremely useful, and many people prefer to have least one watch in their collection with time complications. You can read our guide to starting your watch collection here, and you can find our range of incredible luxury watches here.

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