Watches for men in 2018 (what to keep in mind) PART I

The watch is an accessory that, throughout its history, has given man an unparalleled point of distinction. Therefore, we adapt to the new times and we order all the novelties that arrive for this year in 11 different categories. You only have to decide on one (or several) according to the style that best defines you and click on it to discover what awaits you.


It is the star complication of the year. Control all the times and provide an aesthetic and very functional bonus is its main currency.


The updating of the emblematic models is always well received among the adepts of the golden decades.


The technical challenge involved in carrying out this type of model is rewarded by touching the sky clockmaker.


Between classicism and high performance, these models have their feet firmly on the ground.


The depths have been at the origin of the watchmaking precision, as well as the masculine taste for the extreme.

Check out what we got to offer by clicking here.

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