Your Guide To Watch Complications Part Two Date

The second watch complication in the Brega Watches guide to watch complications is the date complications. It’s another really common complication, but it can come in many different forms- some very simple, while others are much more sophisticated.

Date Window

A date window is a simple window on the face that displays the date through a window, or an aperture. If the numbers alternate red and black, it is known as a casino display.

Big Date Display

A big date display is a date display that is larger in size. It can have two windows, one which displays numbers 0-3, and the other which displays numbers 0-9.

Pointer Date

A pointer date is a center hand which points to the date which is on the outside of the face. This is also known as a ‘Banker’s’ date.

Date Subdial

The date complication might also come on a date subdial, which is a small dial on the face. This is most often seen on watches with other complications.

Other Date Complications

A day date complications also shows the day of the week beside the date.

The triple calendar complication shows the date, day and month.

The perpetual calendar complication displays day, date, month and year, while taking leap years into account. It will need correction in 2100.

The annual calendar is somewhere between the triple calendar and the perpetual calendar. It can’t account for leap years, or months with less than 31 days, and will need correction for these dates.

An Equation of Time calendar is one of the most accurate date complications. It has all the same accuracies as the perpetual calendar, but it has an additional feature. It measures the difference between calendar time, and solar time. This measurement is in minutes.

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