Five mistakes you should avoid when buying a watch (PART II)

2. Do not ask about materials and technical specifications.

We must ask ourselves what kind of activities we need our watch for. The type of movement (Swiss, Japanese, Chinese), (quartz, automatic) or the quality of the materials (stainless steel vs. alloy, legitimate skin vs. plastic) will determine the price and the care we will have to have with them.And simplicity is often the key to a great watch, as it will adapt perfectly to your lifestyle. 3. Buy a watch that is not versatile.Almost all of us have a watch that we are very fond of, but we are truly ashamed to wear it and go out with him.

For this reason, it is so important to get a watch with a timeless design that we know we will be able to put it with all the pints (during the week to go with a suit or dress to work, to go on a date with the boy or girl who we like it, or to go to the beach on the weekend).

To be continued in the next article... Stay tuned!

Five mistakes you should avoid when buying a watch (PART I)

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