How many watches does a real man need? (PART I)

Everyone knows the do-re-mi of the most desired watches: first, a tool watch (watch designed to perform specific functions beyond the time) of some higher class, ideally a beauty born in the fifties that still sails - or flies - 60 years after its debut. Secondly, the perfect watch dress, whose needles are exactly twice the number of spheres and eliminates everything that can be considered decoration. And finally, a watch with which you can go from the beach to the bar without raising an eyebrow or causing an unwanted interest in those who see a disproportionate brightness in the belongings of others. This is likely to be at the most affordable end of the spectrum, but it should never seem discredited to a watch enthusiast.

The degree of separation between the three actually depends on the user's personal requirements (after all, a croupier can consider his clock "tool" elegant), and inevitably, of the budget. But there are some unconditional who stand out. Here we propose a selection of three watches for each type.

In the next article we will be checking on these three. By now, you can go and check our collection clicking right here.

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