Latest Fashion And Watch Trends For Fall/Winter

Summer is beginning to draw to a close, and it’s very nearly time to start changing your summer wardrobe for a fall/winter one. Some items can come out of storage, but you’ll want to update your wardrobe and reflect the new trends that will be coming on the scene.

Trend One - Corduroy

Corduroy is coming back in. Look for tailored clothing that fits well. You can try a full corduroy suit. If you’re not as fashion forward as you may need to be for a full, tailored corduroy suit, then you should try a relaxed pair of corduroy pants. You could pair them with a leather jacket, or a fantastic shirt for a great weekend look.

Trend Two - Moss green

This color of green is one that can work on pretty much anyone. It’s a rich, deep color, and if you try a highly textured fabric, it could be your new go-to look for the fall/winter season. You can make this color work for casual, smart casual, and business wear.

Trend Three - Bright Orange

Bright orange is going to be on trend for fall and winter. You don’t want your whole outfit to be bright orange, but for business wear, add an orange shirt to a dark suit. You could use a orange t-shirt to add a splash of color to a darker casual outfit.

Trend Four - Camel

Camel is a color that never really goes out of style, and this season, you’re going to see it everywhere. The trend is going to be all camel everything, whereas before it has been more restricted to outerwear. You can either go for a complete camel look, stick to camel outerwear, or break your camel up with cream, or navy to add a bit more interest to your clothing.

Trend Five - Roll-neck

The roll-neck is coming back for the fall/winter season, which is great on a practical level as it will keep you warm. They’re going to come in a wide rage of colors, textures and fabrics, so you’ll have lots of choice. You can find a thin, lightweight version that you can wear under your suit, or you could go for a thicker, chunky knit roll-neck for casual weekend wear. Go for a size bigger, and pair with corduroy pants, and you’ll be right on trend.

Trend Six - Silk Shirts

The silk shirt is having a revival.There’s going to be many different styles, and colors. Piping on the edges is still going to be popular, but you’re going to have plenty of choice, so no matter what your personal style, you can find something to suit you.

Trend Seven - Watches with Complications

This season is going to be all about watch complications, but it’s also about materials.Look stainless steel and titanium watches with chronograph, and date complications.

Trend Eight - Italian Watches

Italian watches are ones that will never go out of style. They work with any outfit, and embody quality and aesthetic appeal. You can find a wide range of affordable, luxury Italian watches here.

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