How to identify a fake watch?

The market is flooded with fake watches that are too good to be considered a fake. But if you are planning to buy a luxury watch for the first time, you need to have idea about how to identify a fake watch from an original one. This is the reason we are here with the basic tips that will help you in the same.

  1. Ticking of the watch

One of the first ways to detect a Brega fake watch, or that of any other brand for that matter, is to look for the ticking sound. Luxury watches generally don’t make this sound as they are made up of numerous delicate pieces, fitted perfectly together. So, hold the watch close to your ear and detect the sound to figure out if it is a fake or not?

  1. Quality of lettering

Luxury watch makers try to bring precision in everything they do in the watch. So, the second thing you need to look for whole detecting a fake watch is the quality of lettering and engraving. There is no denying that Chinese produce good watches, but when it comes to fake watches you will find the lettering is hard to read, and muddled. This makes it easy for you to detect whether the watch is fake or not.

  1. Feel the weight

Last, but not the least, thing that you can use as a sign to detect a fake watch is the weight of the time piece. Luxury watches, owing to the fact that they are crafted using the best quality materials, will be slightly heavier than cheap fakes. So, make sure you pay heed to this fact before buying one.

With all these things in the back of your mind, you can go ahead and invest your money in a luxury time piece that you always wanted to buy, without having to worry about it being a fake.

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