Fall Weddings - Suits, Tuxedos, And Watches

It’s nearly fall, which means new trends, but it also means fall wedding season. Wedding guest attire for men can be a bit of a minefield. You want to look great, complement your partner’s outfit, but you also need to be appropriate as a guest. In the same way as a female guest doesn’t want to outshine the bride and her bridesmaids, you don’t want to outshine the groom, and the groomsmen. Here’s some tips for you to look as good as you possibly can throughout the whole fall wedding season.

White Tie

White tie isn’t very often seen these days, but on the off chance that you do get an invite to a wedding with a white tie dress code, you’re going to need a tuxedo with tails, gloves, and patent leather shoes. This is a look that needs to be accessorized and styled very carefully. It’s very easy to throw the whole look off balance, and as most people don’t go for a white tie dress code any more, it tends to confuse people on the rare occasion that they have been invited to a white tie event. Keep your accessories to an absolute minimum.

Black Tie

A black tuxedo is the most appropriate dress when the event has a black tie dress code. Although, it’s not as formal as a white tie event, there are still rules. Choose a black tux, black tie, black shoes and white shirt. Select a classic dress watch from your watch collection, and always go for a black leather band. Sometimes the dress code may be listed as black tie optional, which means that you can choose black tie, or you can wear something formal, but not necessarily full black tie. However, some etiquette experts debate if the word optional actually means optional, and that the black tie rules should apply. On rare occasions, you may see the dress code as creative black tie. This means that you still need a tux, but you can use color in your tie, cummerbund or shirt. Moss green, and orange are going to be massively on trend this fall, so you could go for those colors. This also means that you don’t have to wear a dress watch, you can relax the dress watch rules a little, and choose something that is still appropriate, and classy, but you would get away with a metal band.


Formal dress code starts to give you a bit more freedom in terms of your style choices. You need a dark, slick suit, and a light colored shirt. White is a classic choice for a reason, but you could also choose to have a little bit of color. You still need to keep your look minimal and balanced, so you can wear a watch, but not much else. As long as the look of your watch is classic, then you can choose either leather or metal for the band.

Dressy Casual

Dressy casual gives you much more freedom. You can choose a gray, or navy suit, with a shirt and tie. You can pair charcoal gray with a white shirt, and moss green tie for a look that is wedding appropriate, but is still completely on trend. You still want to keep the accessories to a minimum, but you can still wear a watch. You can start to introduce some complications on the face of your watch, such as a date complication. If you choose to have a metal band, choose stainless steel or titanium.


When the invite lists the dress code as casual, it doesn’t actually mean jeans and a t-shirt. It does mean that a suit is optional and you can wear separates. Classic charcoal chinos with a button down is a great look for this, and you can wear any watch you want, so if you’ve been saving that dive watch with the amazing chronograph to wear for a special occasion, this is it. The fall trends for color and shirt style will also come into play here.

Super Casual

Unless the wedding is incredibly casual, jeans are not advisable, but on the rare occasion when this does happen, you can still use the fall trends for 2017. Try a pair of corduroy pants with a relaxed shirt, and a stainless steel watch for a backyard wedding look that will absolutely hit the mark.

One of the most important things to remember about being a wedding guest is that you need to have an appropriate attitude. You’ve been invited to share in someone’s special day, so you need to look and act appropriately. Find the most appropriate attire, and accessories you can. If you want to buy a new watch, then you can view the whole collection of Brega Watches here. Brega Watches have a wonderful range of affordable watches with all the hallmarks of Italian luxury.

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