Wooden clocks, the new trend for men

The watchmaking sector is constantly evolving, reinventing itself to adapt to the reality of the market and therefore continues to be so profuse in sales.

The brands have been able to go beyond the functionality of italian watches and have made it an almost indispensable complement. That's why we find watches with tachymeter, sport watches or aesthetic watches for men that adapt perfectly to the style and character of the wearer.

Among the latest trends that can be seen in wristwatches for men is the use of wood.

While we are accustomed to rubber or nylon in cheap models or gold in high-end watches, wooden watches are finding their niche market for their uniqueness and respect for the environment, a very fashionable attitude. In fact, we have already seen how wooden glasses are triumphing, and watches follow the same path.

If you are a bit of a more classic and prefer to buy quality watches online, we believe that we are still the most efficien offering the best italian watches.

In general, the most commonly used wood is bamboo. Following an consciousness, this type of wood is regenerated when cut.

That's why in the recent years many brand have chosen to start developing a new line of watches, specifically, wooden watches.

However, brown watches, kind of following this same trend, are still super fashionable. You can see our models. E627 SOLDATO SVIZZERO, E601 BELLINI, E611 LAKE ISEO.

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