Everything You Need To Know: Quartz or Automatic watches.

Brega Watches has been a pioneer of the wristwatch since 1881; so in this article, other than comparing different kinds of watches, we are going to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of Quartz and Automatic watches, so the user finds by a very reliable font, which is the best watch to match their needs.

When it comes to comparing two very different kinds of watches, we must not say that either one is better than the other; the final goal is to determine which one fits more accurately into the needs and preferences the user may have.

Watches are something that must fit the client’s needs and preferences, and the variety that we find in the market helps the fact that every user may find the one that covers all their needs and preferences in every way.

So this article is made in order to help our readers identify themselves in an specific group of clients according to their thoughts and conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages on different kinds of watches, and then figure out which one fits better their needs.

Quartz based and mechanical watches are something that many people compare without actually fully knowing the terms, and the differences between them.

In this article, we mean to highlight the differences, advantages and disadvantages of both watches, so every user can easily tell the difference and know which one is the right kind of watch for them.  As for the mechanical watches, these are pieces that can be passed for generations and will last more than a lifetime.

We must consider something: as much as a mechanical watch can last, these will require a meticulous care, and you must have the piece checked by a specialist at least every five years. In a like manner, the mechanical watches must always count on a good manufacturer in order to make a high quality piece.

Meanwhile, we must highlight that a mechanical watch requires high quality pieces and spares so they can last long and function well.

As we see, high quality pieces and a high maintenance may cost more than most people would like to spend on their watches, but we must always remember that these pieces can last for a really long time if we take a good care of them.

Even though taking a good care of the piece is worth when we know they can last a very long time, this concept is not for everyone. When it comes to quartz based watches, these pieces are a lot more pragmatic in comparison to the mechanical ones. Automatic watches are known for working under an inferior technology than quartz based ones.

Also, we find that quartz based watches can mark the time with a much superior precision than the automatic kind; this can be considered to be the difference with the highest relevance, because the most important thing in a watch is precision.

Meanwhile, when it comes to precision, this can have a very relative relevance, and that’s because some people may consider watches as an accessory and not focus on its function. It’s a fact that, thanks to their old fashioned and classic style, automatic watches always get more attention from collectors or antique items lovers.

We must also highlight the fact that the quartz based watches have a mechanism that is significantly more complicated than the one an automatic watch possesses.

Also, there’s the fact that, besides of their attractive designs and long lasting reputation, an automatic watch lowers its performance through time.

After all this has been said, in order to make a better comparison and discover which kind of watch is better to cover your own demands, we offer a short guide to resume the advantages and disadvantages of both types of watches:

- Quartz based watches

  • In the case of quartz based watches, we find that the force exerted by the clock on the hands is provided by a battery.
  • These pieces usually require a low maintenance.
  • A quartz based watch possesses a superior precision to mark the time than automatic ones, which can be considered as a big advantage.
  • Their mechanism is significantly more complicated than the one an automatic watch possesses.

- Automatic watches:

  • In the case of automatic watches, we find that the force exerted by the clock on the hands is provided by kinetic energy, which is nothing but the energy that a piece requires to move.
  • These pieces usually require a high and meticulous maintenance.
  • An automatic watch actually possesses an inferior precision to mark the time than a quartz based watch, which can be considered as a big disadvantage.
  • Their mechanism is significantly simpler than the quartz based watches.


We can conclude saying that, even when it’s impossible to say that either one kind of watch is superior or better than the other, there’s always a client whose preferences would rely on one of them due to its advantages. The advantages or disadvantages of every type of watch, then, depend on the user’s perspectives, preferences and needs.

This is the reason why they are all still in the market: there will always be a significant number of clients who prefer one over another; so we can say that it’s all up to the user and the manufacturer’s preferences.

Therefore, we can say that those who really appreciate the old fashioned watches style and features, can stay with the automatic ones; while, those who rather own a more practical piece, would appreciate a lot more the advantages of a quartz based watch.

Also, if the user is looking for a long lasting watch they can hold on to their wrist and pass to their children, and are willing to face a watch that requires a meticulous care and maintenance, they can definitely bet on an automatic watch.

If the client looks for something practical and don’t mind the fact that it could not last for too long with no maintenance, a quartz based watch is the ideal piece for them.

In the other hand, as fashion is such a changing concept, a watch buyer who’s into changes may bet on a practical quartz based watch. So, either you’re more into a classic, casual or practical modern style, here are some Brega watches you must definitely have:

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