What you Must Consider to Choose a Quality Watch

If time is the most valuable thing in the world, then there’s definitely no doubt you should measure it with the most valuable and highest quality products that are available in the market at the time. That's why you need to choose a quality watch.

Either if it’s for a gift or for personal use, a watch requires a very meticulous selection process, and the one we choose must be perfectly aligned with the user’s needs, demands and preferences.

As this is a complex choice, one must always have a guide to remember all the variables we should keep in mind while purchasing the right watch for the user; in order to help our readers to make the right choice, here are some tips we must keep in mind if we have to choose a quality watch:

1.The Physiognomy of the Watch

As might be expected, one thing everyone is aware of is that the design and external appearance says quite much about the product, in the same way that a watch says a lot about the gentleman who’s wearing it, so there must be an exceptional watch for a truly exceptional man.

In the other hand, it’s a fact that a compelling design is a consequence of a quality product; just as a brilliant accessory choice is made by a brilliant gentleman.

It's crucial that a man knows what the right choice is when it comes to a watch, one that fits perfectly on his image and style, and always keep in mind that its design will say a lot about the one that’s wearing it.

2. Choose the right mechanics of operation for the user

The idea of choosing a watch for its external appearance deserves some merit. Nevertheless, technical aspects such as the mechanics of operation of the watch require plenty of attention when it comes to choosing a long lasting and high quality product.

This is what we need to know about the mechanics of operation in a watch:

Watches can be electric or mechanical. Electric watches work with complex screens, a microprocessor and physical memories; these can provide much more specific information when it comes to telling the time, and count on very advanced technology and design progress.

On the other hand, mechanical watches are those that work with the classic clock mechanism. These may count on manual or automatic settings and have a much more sophisticated design and function.

3.The category 

Men’s fashion is not a huge concept, though every choice it implies must be meticulously exanimated in order to avoid big mistakes. As a watch is one of the few accessories a man wears, it’s crucial that this piece matches the outfit and style in the right way.

We notice that the right watch for a fancy night won’t be the same that’s right for a casual or sports outfit, so it’s important for every gentleman to have the right accessory for every different occasion where he may need it, and to use it properly according to his outfit.

4. Choose a watch from a good manufacturer

As might be expected, the manufacturer figures on this list. We owe this to the fact that, in the same ways you consider the manufacturer when choosing a high quality car or electronic device, they have the same effect when it comes to choose a quality watch.

5. Find the one with the perfect watch strap

When it comes to the strap, there are a lot of materials available that we can choose from. Either it’s metallic, leather, fabric or plastic, it’s a crucial element for watches, as it’s the biggest and most attractive one.

It’s important to know which material goes better with the user’s style; just as we can choose leather for a fancy but casual look, or a metallic strap for a sober and elegant style.

The strap is the element that defines the style and category of the watch, and it’s the one that must match the outfit and style. It’s important to choose a watch which counts on a high quality strap, in order to avoid the need to replace it as much as it’s possible.

6. Movement

As we go back to the technical aspects of a watch, we find the movement as a crucial one.

Watches in the market may come with three different types of movements: quartz-based movement, automatic and mechanic. As for the quartz-based movement, it’s the most common in the market; it works with a battery and can be considered really simple and effective.

Meanwhile, there’s also the automatic system, which is also the most expensive one available; this one keeps working with just maintaining the watch in a constant movement, with a system that adjusts the function of the watch.
Finally, the mechanical movement is the classic and most desired and the most common choice by any collector in the market.

As noted above, if we follow the right tips, it will lead us to choosing the right and high quality watch for a gentleman. What we must consider, then, goes from the design and external appearance, category, and the strap’s features, to technical aspects such as the mechanics of operation and the movement.

In order to choose a quality watch, one of the most important aspects to consider is the manufacturer, which leads to researching into different ones and looking for good references to make the right choice for a watch that will be long lasting and possesses the high quality we all look for.

We must remember that choosing a watch for a gentleman has a higher difficulty level than choosing any kind of jewelry for a lady. 

We owe that to the fact that you just can’t be wrong with the “diamonds are forever” concept, while a watch is a much more complex piece than any other on its category, which requires the client to be able to focus on every single detail in order to make the right purchase, and to make sure that it’s a high quality and long lasting product.

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