This is How you Know If a Watch is Actually Waterproof

A waterproof watch is for a man what a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings are for a woman, so there’s no doubt that this piece must be available to successfully face every single circumstance the owner may be exposed to.

One of the most important things we must consider before purchasing a watch is its ability to resist the effects water may have on them, because the last thing the user wants is a watch that can suffer low or even serious damages when it comes to contact with water.

 At the same time, if you already own a watch, you must be sure of every specification and detail that can be relevant in order to avoid any kind of damage, and take excellent care of said piece.

If a watch is not designed to withstand the effects that water may have on its structure and operation, it’s crucial that you are aware of this information as a watch buyer and avoids the product to be in contact of the water.

 In order to know if a watch is waterproof, and under what circumstances it is able to resist water, for you and your passion for being on time, here are some tips that you must follow:

1. Collect all the information you can

The first step is, either you are making your purchase online or on a conventional physical store, you must check the watch’s specifications, this should give you the information you need based on the next tips.

Meanwhile, if you can’t find the information that you need in a tag or any kind of written product specification, it’s crucial to ask or research online, in order to know if said model is waterproof and how high its water resistance is before you purchase it or submitting the watch to contact with water.

2. Identify the information that matters in this case

It’s not enough to only read the word “waterproof” to be sure that this is the right purchase for you, even though this is all the information we need to know that the watch can resist being exposed to water.

Before purchasing a watch, you will notice the letters “WR”, followed by more information; this is what you must look for in order to know if said watch is actually waterproof.

3. Know the product’s limitations

You must be aware, before you purchase a watch, that knowing that a watch is waterproof is not enough information. Not every watch is available to resist the same pressure and amount of time under water, so after we know that it is actually waterproof, we must check how much it can resist.

In the specifications, you must find how much time the product can resist under water, and also the depth it can be exposed to on that amount of time.

It’s crucial to know that, because of the water pressure increasing as its depth grows, a watch can be exposed more time on a less depth of water and suffering less damage than it actually would if it was kept deeper under water.

When shopping for watches, we can find indications such as “WR 30 m / 3 atm” or “WR 50 m / 5 atm”, and at simple sight it’s not easy to understand. Here is how you can be sure of what are the exact circumstances your watch can be exposed to, without suffering damages:

4. If it says “WR 30 m / 3 atm”

This is the lowest resistance on a waterproof watch. It can be exposed to small amounts of water as long as you dry it as fast as you can. It’s not one of those you can swim with, but it can certainly resist the following things:

• Water splashes – It’s completely okay if it rains and this kind of watches are exposed to it, small water splashes won’t damage it.

• Sweat – You can exercise while you are wearing one of these watches, the sweat won’t be harmful for it; you can measure your times while exercising without worrying about your watch.

5. If it says “WR 50 m / 5 atm”

This means that the watch can resist everyday activities, as the following ones:

• Showers and baths – This kind of watches can stay in your wrist while you shower or take a bath, which means you don’t have to worry about taking it off during a normal day.

• Pools or beaches – You can get in the water while wearing one of these watches without worrying about having to buy a new one, although you must remember to avoid swimming too deep while wearing it.

6. If it says “WR 100 m / 10 atm”

It’s not impossible for this kind of watch to be damaged by water, but its waterproof level is not something you need to worry about during everyday activities or some summer vacations.

• Amateur diving – This category resists as much as you can resist underwater without an oxygen tank.

• Swimming – You can practice swimming while wearing one of this watches without it suffering any harm.

7. If it says “WR 200 m / 20 atm”

This is the right kind of watch you must buy if you want to be able to do literally anything a man can possibly do, without worrying about it being damaged by water. Here are some examples of what it can resist:

• Professional diving – You can swim as deep as you can without worrying about your watch, which gives you a good opportunity to focus on what’s around you

• Submarines – As deep as you’re able to go underwater, this watch can join you. You can have a nice submarine travel without damaging your watch.

An important fact to remember is that, every category also holds the abilities of the previous ones, and that they can be exposed for more time in less water, or less time with more or deeper into water.

So, if you’re going to buy a watch, you must keep in mind which circumstances you can face or activities you wish you would be able to do while wearing it, and this guide can help you find the right one for your demands.

We must highlight that Brega Watches was the responsible for one of the first waterproof watches, which lets us know that this company has a lot of experience when it comes to this subject.

If you’re looking forward to purchase a waterproof watch, here you can check out some of the models that Brega Watches offers for you:

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