Popular and Innovative Brands for Italian Men's Watches 2018/2019


Extensive range of high-fashion Watches for Men. Many people know Gucci, is not so smart buy products that are so massive. 

So let's see other options now.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Ferragamo worked with many Hollywood stars in the 1920s, before returning to Italy to found the eponymous company making unique handmade footwear. His scientific and creative approach to shoes spawned many innovations such as the wedge heel and cage heel. Film stars and celebrities continue to patronize his company, which has evolved into an international empire spanning the world.


Founded in 1860 in Florence Italy, today Panerai’s headquarters are located in Milan Italy. With an international clientele, the Italian company is known for its bold styles and simplistic numeral and design elements. 


 A. Brega founder of a luxury goods high-end retailer.

A great choice for people looking for entry-level luxury watches, the brand brings quite a number of options like the E600 SEA-AMALFI and the E616 LES CHIC.

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