Italian High End Watches are Cheap Watches also.

Why are some Luxury watches so cheap?

Because modern technology is incredibly advanced.  A modern analogue quartz watch requires:

  1. A crystal oscillator—the watch's "tuning fork" that measures the passage of time.  According to an unsourced claim in the Wikipedia article, more than two billion of these are manufactured each year.  Only a minority are used in watches—they're used in almost any electronic device you can think of.

  2. An integrated circuit ("chip") with the control circuitry.  We make super-complex microprocessors that sell for a few dollars at small volumes.  Those are thousands if not millions of times more complex than what a quartz watch requires.  And there's no need to make a new and improved version every few years for a low-end watch.

  3. A small set of gears to subdivide the seconds' hand motion into minutes and hours, plus allow the watch to be set. 

  4. A small stepper motor to move those gears.

  5. The parts that you see—dial, hands, case, band.

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