Mono-needle watches for men, yes or no?

Sober, elegant and perhaps for the great majority, excessively simple (or too complex). They are mono-needle watches, the art of simplicity made clock, capable of performing its function with just a needle regardless of the minute hand and the second hand.

Striking no doubt, have been established as a type of ideal watches for those who prefer design and originality, although I recognize that first is not very easy to get used to reading the time with just a needle.To give you an idea of ​​how it works, each line equals 5 minutes, this way depending on the location of the needle we can read the time with great ease, we will miss the precision of the seconds but ... who needs to know? the exact second?

These watches for their peculiarity are becoming real collector's items, and to put you in a position today we are going to review some of the best-known brands and models in this peculiar world of mono-needle watches.

Anyways, time is the one to decide if mono-needle watches for men have any future.

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