Hybrid style watches for men

We do not discover anything new if we tell you that watches are an essential element in any self-respecting male look. Whether analog, digital, more casual or more classic, this complement will give us the right touch to our particular style.

The most sober and classic designs say present not only in terms of watches, but also when it comes to combining with the garments.

But for this season has a novelty that presents a hybrid between analog and digital, with a design focused on a more youthful and athletic audience.Personally I am not a big fan of hybrid watches, I like both analog and digital alike, but mixing both styles in a single watch does not just look very aesthetic.

Anyway, surely the most fans of this type of watches will find in this new line interesting ideas that perfectly match to combine with a sport and summer look and also for those who look for an adventurous look.

Here are our chosen ones:





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