How To Change The Straps Of Your Leather Watch

You may need to change your watch band. Maybe it’s showing signs of wear and tear, or you just feel like a change. Some people prefer to take their watch into a store, and have their technicians do this for them. You can do it yourself with some practice, and it would be much more cost-effective than taking your watch to a store every time you feel like a change of band.

First you should put a towel or a cloth on top of a hard surface, like a table or counter top, and then put your watch face down on the towel. The material should help to protect the glass on the face of your watch from getting scratched on the hard surface.

Next you need to find the spring bar. Most watch straps are attached to the watch by a spring bar. This is a small bar that can be depressed at both ends, much like a spring. It fits into indents on the watch, and passes through a loop or hole of the strap, which then fixes the strap to the watch. Once you’ve found the spring bar, you need to remove it. You can do this with a special tool called a spring bar tool, or you can use a small flat head screwdriver. You may even be able to remove it with your hands.

If you’re using a spring bar tool, you put the pronged end between the band and the watch, and using gentle pressure, push away from the watch. This motion should push the spring bar down, and release the trap.

If you don’t have a spring bar tool, then you might be able to accomplish the same thing with a paperclip  or a flat head screwdriver. You do need to take extra care so that you don’t damage the watch.

Once you have the spring bar removed, set it to one side. You will probably need it to attach the new straps. You also need to remove the other strap.

Now that you have the straps removed, you can attach the new straps. Begin by threading the spring bar through the loops or holes. Some straps come with their own spring bars, but these may not necessarily fit your watch and in this case you will need to use the old spring bars.

Put one end of the spring bar into the indent on the watch, and using the same tool as before, depress the other end. Carefully, and gently, press the bar downwards, and slide it into the other indent. Do the same with the other strap. Listen for a clicking sound which can tell you that the spring bar is in the proper position, and check that the straps are secure.

There are some repairs that you should never attempt yourself, but if you feel confident, and you have practiced, then you should be able to change the straps by yourself. Brega Watches has a range of Italian leather straps that you can use to give your watch a whole new look, or replace old straps.

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