6 Reasons To Wear A Watch

Watches have a rich history. From pocket watches, to wristwatches, to the trenches of World War I, watches have changed and evolved. Different types of watches have become popular, as well as different styles. So why should you wear a watch? There’s so many reasons, but here’s the top six.

  1. Watches Are Useful

The first, and perhaps the most important reason why you should wear a watch is that they’re useful. It ‘s much more convenient to check the time from the watch on your wrist than from the smartphone in your pocket or briefcase. Some people consider checking smartphones to be rude, and shows that you’re disinterested in what they’re saying. This isn’t a good characteristic to display in social settings, but it can have serious repercussions if you were to do it in a business setting. As well as this, the battery in a watch lasts much longer than the battery on your phone. Watches can also come with other complications, such as a moon phase display, chronograph which lets you use it as a stopwatch, and date displays.

  1. Watches Are Simple

Your smartphone is complicated. It has apps, and games, and lots of other boredom busters. A smartphone is distracting. A watch is simple. It will tell you the time, and depending on the other complications it has, it might give you other basic information. It’s power by simple, reliable technology.

  1. Watches Help You Spend Your Time Wisely

Your watch is more prominent than your smartphone. It’s on your wrist, so you’re much more likely to see it often. This helps you be punctual, and reminds you to spend your time wisely.

  1. Watches Can Be Passed On

A watch can become a much valued family heirloom. This might be because it has financial value, or it may simply have sentimental value. It can be passed from father to son, and help to maintain a family connection.

  1. Watches Are Craftmanship Items

The process of making watches has been passed down from generation to generation. Each generation has added a refinement, or new technique that has evolved into the modern day watches you see today. The years of craftsmanship are still present in even the most modern of luxury watches.

  1. Watches Show Your Personal Style

A watch can complement your attire, or it can throw your whole look off balance, but it shows your style. A watch is one of the only ways in which a man can show off his style. The look of the dress watch he wears with his tux, or the dive watch he wears to a backyard barbeque, all watches in his collection say something about who he is.

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