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The tachymeter is usually located around the clock setting and is used to measure the average speed or distance traveled over a period of time. The key is in the relationship between time and distance. Surely, you have been able to verify that in sports such as motorsport there are many sponsors related to the world of watchmaking and that measuring time accurately is key to enjoy to the fullest. Therefore, the image of the pilots or fast cars is usually associated with the big brands. Hence, numerous models already incorporate a tachymeter, which usually measures the distance of kilometers in an hour, although it can also be used to calculate the average time needed to do anything in an hour.

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To do this, use a simple formula that divides the seconds that exist in an hour, 3600 (60x60), between the number of times that is repeated on average per hour.

In this formula, the capital letter (T) represents the numbers that appear on the scale of the tachymeter. The lower case (t) is the time measured by the clock (in seconds); This figure is achieved through the chronograph that most models already incorporate.

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