What is the ideal watch size for men?

20 to 30mm


These models are the smallest we have for men, their size makes them very discreet but elegant, ideal to highlight a very appropriate look. With Brega Watches, you will find these models if you want to give an excellent piece or proudly wear one of these gems.

30 to 35 mm


Pieces with delicate and elegant designs for modern men, these models have a variety of models with straps and bracelets, with excellent resistance to water, and with an ideal diameter to always be at the exact time and with the right style.

35 to 40 mm


With models for men, this watch size is the standard, the measure by which most watches are made in the world. If you want something casual and discreet, sure this size will be right for you. These models have the style, variety and versatility of a simple piece but very typical of an Invicta style. With resistance to water from 5 and up to 30 atmospheres, these models are ideal for day to day for the comfort of the Invicta jewelry.

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