The world's most precise clock

To be fair, there has been much work that has been printed for the development of the most accurate clock in the world, since it has even required the participation of American physicists to reach the maximum possible accuracy with a very interesting strontium atomic clock.Just to present an advance of the main characteristics of this watch, it is necessary to mention only it is delayed or in its defect it is possible to be advanced, a second every 15,000 million years, which in comparison with another type of models, is an amount insignificant.

According to the information presented in the previous paragraph, it would take 15,000 million years for this atomic clock that has been produced by physicists from the United States to be delayed for just a second.  Since getting an idea of ​​the above is very complex, it should be mentioned that the age of the universe actually only reaches 14,000 million years. 

In other words, the accuracy of this watch has no comparison with each of the previous developments of humanity, with such a guarantee of stability, which without a doubt can be one of the first steps to light different scientific discoveries that neither they have even been imagined today.

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