Should You Pay More Than $1000 For A Watch?

The short answer is no. You probably have read articles about how an expensive watch is a great investment, but in most cases this simply isn’t true. In rare cases, a watch can be a good investment but it needs to be a vintage, very elite watch, and these are extremely rare, and are usually well above most people’s budget. They generally start at six figures, and eventually your heirs may be able to sell the watch for more than you bought it for. This could mean that your children are able sell it, but more often it’s grandchildren, great-grandchildren, or great great-grandchildren who will see any return from your investment.

Luxury watches generally depreciate in value by around 40% in the first few years. This means that as an investment, it just doesn’t make any sense to buy a luxury watch. If you’re looking for an investment opportunity that will bring you a return on your investment, then you should talk to your financial advisor.

If you’re looking for an amazing watch, then you can look elsewhere. You can find an Italian luxury watch that is completely budget friendly, and has the same level of style, and accuracy as the much more expensive options. Browse the complete collection here.

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