How to take care of your automatic watch

The automatic watch for men is one that has a mechanism that feeds itself. As you know, watches, most of them are analog, that means that their useful life is subject to the duration of a battery, instead; Automatic watches are subject to the kinetic energy of our body, that is, infinite.

Some basic tips:

  • Avoid contact with salt water no matter how hard your diving resistance is and if you do so, let it soak for 30 minutes.
  • Never open the crown or use the chronograph underwater, it could enter the mechanism.
  • Do not abuse the water if your belt is leather, better buy steel.
  • Visit your trusted watchmaker at least every 5 years or if you see that the mechanism starts to fail, sometimes it is due to lack of grease or because some rubber has broken down.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures; for example, saunas.
  • Avoid sleeping with the watch, not only because you could give it a blow inadvertently, but the pressure that exerts on the wrist does not let the blood flow.
  • Avoid sports that require impact unless the clock is ready for it, such as tennis or paddle.
  • Avoid the use of chemical agents.
  • Keeping the clock running is very important not to change the time when there is not enough charge, better to charge and then change the time.
  • Check the hermetism every so often, and especially ask for it if you do the revision, whether analogical when changing the battery, or automatic. The watchmaking usually do not make the secrecy.
  • Do not worry if the clock is delayed 2 or 3 minutes, it is normal.

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