5 tips for choosing a men's watch (PART II)

The mechanics of operation 

One aspect about choosing a watch for men is its operating mechanics. It should be noted that this detail has a great influence on the price of the piece since it is a technical aspect. We can divide the clocks into two categories like mechanical watches and electronic clocks.

Mechanical watches work mostly thanks to a system of spring and combination of high watchmaking pieces, while there are other modern mechanical watches that work through quartz.

The applicable settings on mechanical watches can be of two types, manual or automatic.Electronic clocks work thanks to increasingly developed microprocessor technologies, physical memories and very complex screens.

In this field, great strides have been made to achieve precision when offering time, such as the incorporation of new functions. It is clear that this aspect is not usually taken into account to consider the image of the watch, but it has direct influence for the manufacturer in how it will locate the information provided by the watch on a specific design.


5 tips for choosing a men's watch (PART I)

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