Quartz or automatic watches for men?

While it is true that mechanical watches can be passed down from generation to generation, they require more thorough care, which is why they usually require a specialist's review every five years or so. The labor for this adjustment must be professional to ensure its performance and the components for the spare parts are of high quality. This combination means that maintenance increases costs.

The difference of quartz watches is that they are much more pragmatic, and at the moment when their performance begins to decline, there is no more to change the energy source, ie the battery, and they will be as precise as the first day. Of course, quartz watches are not exempt from revisions or repairs, since they also take less care and expose themselves to situations of greater risk, such as submerging them under water. This means that they are opened and manipulated in specialized centers so that the subsequent sealing is perfect.

The main handicap of automatic watches is that their technology is inferior, little in keeping with the times, never better said. Normally, aesthetics aside, when you buy a watch you do it because you want the correct time to mark you, and the mechanical watches are of lower precision than the quartz ones in this sense.

But the automatic watches are also attractive, as they are reminiscent of the genuine art of master watchmakers. For this reason, fans of purist watches usually prefer this type due to the complexity of its mechanism.

In some way, it's as if it were a living being that you carry on your wrist. And yes, it is reducing its performance with the passage of time, but do not we all do? As you can see, it is a more personal relationship between the clock and the person, not so much complement and owner. The true lovers of watches know how to value the character and interest represented by an automatic watch.

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