How we design our watches?

Brega Watches is a brand well known for its Luxury watches. The designs are elegantly crafted and known for their superb artistry in the luxury and designer watch market. Having started off as a family enterprise consisting of Alex Brega, it continues to maintain its high tradition of excellence in watches and design even today. The vintage watches of Brega are considered a worthy investment in the fine line of luxury watches.

Brega Watches Product Line

Our first Watch features a self-winding automatic movement in an impressive 18K perfectly rounded gold case on a brushed, polished gold bracelet. The 36 mm diameter and 8 mm thick case is a modern beauty. 

Brega Brand

The brand Brega was borne in Italy in 1881. Since then it has strived to combine innovative technologies with elegance to become one of the best-known luxury designer watchmakers in the world. The advertising campaign of the company, 'Elegance is an Attitude' befits the Brega brand aptly. To prove its prowess in the market, Brega launched its first wristwatch in 1881, the world's thinnest electromagnetic watch in 1960 and the world's first cybernetic, electronic quartz watch - the Brega Ultra-Quartz - in 1969.

Soon thereafter, it pioneered the alphanumeric display for television in connection with the retransmission of a World Cup downhill skiing race in St. Moritz, Switzerland. In 1979, Brega in conjunction with other watch brands developed the "Feuille d'Or", the world's thinnest quartz watch. It surpassed its own record, when in 1984, it designed the world famous Conquest VHP (Very High Precision).

How we design our watches?

A fashion consumer typically looks for a well-known luxury brand name and a close imitation to that brand’s most popular style at a reasonable price point. A high-end consumer is either a classic high-end consumer or a super trendy high-end consumer. A classic high-end consumer likes to keep the same watch for a long time whereas a super trendy high-end consumer spends a fortune every year on the next and latest trend. As soon as they start to see the same watch on the wrist of too many people they get tired and look for the next one.

How important is creativity versus familiarity in a design?

I would say that creativity must take into consideration fashion trend interpretation. A design idea can be sparked from the smallest thing, such as a detail of an accessory. Creativity means being able to take that small detail and turn it into an entire design. I am lucky enough to be able to sketch and I actually enjoy the process of drawing my creations with pencil and paper. However creativity can be accomplished without being able to sketch. I have seen many times where designers do not know how to hold a pencil, but know very well how to communicate their design idea to people who can put their ideas to paper. This is also an amazing gift.

What is different about the design process for a mass-consumed versus niche product?


I always found myself explaining to my team that our mission was extremely difficult because every three months we were put under the microscope by millions of consumers that decided whether or not they purchase our product. Opposite of high-end luxury brands where once they find their iconic model their work is to maintain the correct marketing strategy to support it and create demand through celebrity endorsements, sponsorships, events, charity involvement and then introduce a different color of their iconic model at Basel or Geneva. Our operation was focused 100% on immediate sell-out. Niche brands can focus on selection of their point-of-sales, sell-in, and can manipulate delivery time to maintain high demand of their product. Really it is two different worlds.

As an Italian designer people probably put a very high level of expectation on your designs. Working here in America, what have you noticed that makes you different from American designers?

I must say that I enjoy working more with American designers. Here in the U.S. I find that people are ready to learn, teach, and collaborate more readily and with more of a mutual respect for one another. In Europe everything is very secretive, people share their thoughts and designs as little as possible and many are very opinionated.

What is the wrong way to design a watch? Why are there so many terrible watches on the market and how do they get there?

 Imitation is the worst way to design a watch. Many young designers, especially Chinese designers tend to copy from magazine or online photos where images are seen with a terrible flat, 2D look. This happens because not only do they not have the capacity to interpret a 3D model, but they don’t understand that copying a 2D image affects so many aspects of the watch design such as product thickness, strap integration or ergonomics of the wrist.

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